She held onto God’s promises with both hands

And so Sunday was Sabbath and self-declared no-posts. Haha… At least this will work till I try out other kinds of posting schedules – which probably will kick in place when life gets a bit more bustling around. 

Discovered a Christian blog this morning, by the name of Again, via FB by a very interesting post in response to a popular article (I didn’t read the original post that gave rise to ripples though). The content did not surprise me, but it certainly wrote out, eloquently, about some of my questions about women and purity. I went on to explore the blog, reading about modesty (yoga pants a no-no) and devotions by her husband. 

It rang true in me. It somehow increased my anticipation in the process of walking with Him. (To be honest, I am thinking that sometimes, I do feel lukewarm… *kinda anxious about this. Lord, help me to walk in Your will.) Beautiful quote: 

“She knew there would be bumps in the road, so she protected her heart, adjusted her attitude, and held onto God’s promises with both hands.”

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